Valley Lo Country Club Addition

Location: Glenview, Illinois
Completed: 2010
Fypon Products Used: Decorative millwork, column wraps, window arches, sunbursts


In 2010, the Valley Lo Club in Glenview, Illinois used Fypon to spruce up its curb appeal and freshen the exterior. Flash forward seven years, the club once again utilized Fypon products to expand the space with style.

The new addition features an Olympic size indoor pool, decorative millwork, column wraps and more. The PVC column wraps capture the rich heritage of the New England style, yet are durable, resist moisture, and won’t warp, rot or split like wood. The building will look fresh and
beautiful for years to come.

The project also included detailed sunburst millwork and window arches, both of which were custom Fypon products. Fypon was able to match the products that were used seven years ago, ensuring that the building maintained a cohesive design throughout.

“Over a seven-year span of time, being able to match custom elements with different applications is incredible,” stated Shawn Klysen, dealer territory manager for Therma Tru.

Klysen was involved in the original project when he was a dealer at Lansing Building Supply, so he was contacted once again to help with the new addition. Klysen said the goal of the new addition was to maintain existing aesthetics and that Fypon’s custom designs were essential to creating a uniform style throughout the entire building.

Valley Lo Club General Manager, Nancy Slatin, said that when she joined the managerial team in 2001, the vision was a “Cape Cod/Nantucket or East Coast Hampton’s beachy” look. The vision for the space has evolved to reflect a more traditional New England style,but with a modern twist to keep the space fresh.

“This building was constructed in the 70s and you can tell,” Slatin said. “It was time to upgrade in order to remain relevant and the
additional amenities we added will do the trick.” The enhancements throughout the building create a stylish and inviting space for Valley
Lo Club members.

Klysen noted that it was challenging to manage the large span and dimension of the arches necessary to fit the space. However, he said
the lightweight polyurethane material made this process easier and that the project went smoothly overall.

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