3 Entryway Transformations to Inspire Your Next Design

You only get one chance to make a strong first impression, and the same is true for homes. For buyers, the entryway is the first experience they have with your home – make sure it counts.

For new home builders, remodelers and DIYers alike, these before and after entryway transformations will offer inspiration to make a better first impression with your home:

Photos via Shawn Redden @sredden18

The existing portico of this home was an eyesore, prompting the homeowners to hire finish carpenter Shawn Redden, owner of Keystone Renovations LLC, for a much-needed entryway renovation.

In Havertown, PA, many of the older neighborhoods showcase quality workmanship but much of the original charm has been lost with deterioration over the years. Redden found inspiration from the local designs of the classic older homes in the area for the entrance.

“The entire design hinges on the sunburst. I featured the Fypon’s Combination Sunburst Pediment above the doorway and framed a barrel ceiling under the existing roof to fit it,” Redden shared. “The clients couldn’t be happier with the finished project.”

Photo via Instagram @homeprosannapolis

Bob Hastings of Home Remodeling Pros Annapolis worked with a customer to give this once-pristine entryway a fresh update. The existing entryway was worn down – the original black paint had faded with sun-exposure over time and the trim began to rot from water damage.

Rather than repairing the existing door surround, Hastings visited his local lumber dealer to find a solution that would provide a clean, durable look. After explaining the details of the design, the representative introduced Hastings to Fypon’s selection of door trim.

“The trim and crosshead saved me significant carpentry time,” Hastings explained. “Plus, I don’t have to worry about wood rot. The customer loves it – it’s a very clean look.” Now, the entryway upholds the timeless, classic style of the original entryway but resists the sun and water damage that affected the previous door surround.

Photos via Instagram @nestrs

Back in April, the Columbus design duo Nick and Sarah Karakaian of Nestrs teamed up with Fypon for their exterior renovation. With their design complete, this home’s exterior looks like an entirely new building.

This multi-family home’s stark entryway lacked character and was hidden beneath a dark awning. In their renovation, Nestrs added Fypon’s classic smooth pilasters, crosshead and peaked pediment to heighten and brighten the entryway.

“The mouldings around the door were incredibly easy to install – you literally just glue and screw,” Sarah said. “Plus, we know the entryway will stay this beautiful with minimal maintenance.” Combined with the new bright red door, this entryway can’t be missed.

How to Create the Look

Whether you’re looking for a simple solution to brighten an entryway or prefer a custom design with a mix of trim and decorative features, be sure to choose the elements that complement the home’s design style.

Peaked and sunburst pediments are a popular option for designs aiming for a bold but traditional aesthetic. Consider, for example, Redden’s sunburst feature that upheld the original designs of the older Pennsylvania neighborhood.

However, more modern exteriors are better-suited for streamlined trim and crossheads. The increasingly popular Craftsman home style pairs well with our newest line of crossheads that feature clean lines and simple finishes.

Craftsman Cove Crossheads

Ready to create your own entryway transformation? Get more information about our door trim here or click on the ‘Literature’ tab to view our entire line of trim options and all-in-one door surround kits.

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