Fypon Shines in Truman Clock Tower


Location: Independence, Missouri
Completed: 2014
Builder: Pishny Restoration Services
Fypon Products Used: Custom mouldings, balustrades, keystones, urns, appliques and trim

With the help of Fypon products, Pishny Restoration Services brought the Truman Clock Tower in Independence, Missouri back to life while
ensuring the renovations did not alter the historic design. The landmark 40-foot-tall clock tower, that stands atop of the Jackson County
Truman Courthouse, was in need of reliable products to improve the quality of the tower.

Originally built in 1863, the courthouse had a distinct, historic style and look, but had also been through several renovations in its history.
A main goal of the project was to bring it back to the original, historical feel with unique and ornate finishing touches. With the added
Fypon products, the clock tower was restored to its historic profile, re-introducing the historical significance of the tower.

Previous renovations had used wood that deteriorated over the years due to moisture and very limited access for maintenance.
This created the need for a reliable, weather resistant material on the clock tower to prevent against weather, insects, rot and decay.
“We had the need for the low maintenance, high-density polyurethane from a maintenance standpoint,” said Corey Thomas, vice president of business development, Pishny Restoration Service, “But we also needed the balustrades and finials to be custom made to exactly match the historical profiles.”

“The most exciting part of the custom order was how accurate the products were but also that they offer a new, long life to the
clock tower.” Thomas said.

Christopher Martin, AIA, who directed the construction period services for the firm, also mentioned how impressed he was by the
accuracy of the polyurethane pieces to match the appearance of the original exterior wood trim details.

The project came together flawlessly, installation was simple and easy, and since its completion in 2014, the clock tower still
looks like new. All of the polyurethane products have held up to rain, snow and sun without needing any repairs or re-installation.

“The clock tower is the shining jewel of this building and it was a privilege to be entrusted to do this historical recreation,”
Thomas said. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of working with Fypon products on the clock tower restoration.

Thomas said that the team is looking forward to using Fypon products again in the future, especially the custom products that
Fypon creates. If they ever need to perform a restoration project with difficult access and the need for a long-lasting product,
Fypon will be their choice.

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