City Hall Gets an Upgrade


Location: Katy, Texas
Completed: Spring 2016
Fypon Products Used: Built-up crown moulding, gable moulding, dentil
block, flat trim, fascia moulding, cornice moulding and exterior pilasters


Katy, Texas, has grown quickly as Houston residents have begun to move north and west into the “Energy Corridor.” From 2005
to 2015, the town’s population grew at a rate of four to six percent per year, reaching an estimated 309,500 in 2015. With such a
booming market, traffic through the Katy town hall had increased sharply enough to require a replacement.

The previous city hall was a one-story, non-descript building that was starting to crumble after 40 years of use. It was part of the
Katy administration complex consisting of four separate buildings that housed city staff and city council meetings.

The brand new, three-story building brought all those government functions together into one footprint. The first floor houses public
services, where Katy residents can come pay their water bill, pick up a permit or attend council meetings. They also expanded the
council chamber to fit around 65 seats and overflow viewing with windows into the lobby and monitors for listening in.

For styling, the town surveyed residents, with results unanimously desiring “a traditional, hometown-USA building.” It was also
designed to serve all purposes efficiently, plus it’s energy efficient.

“The city of Katy wanted a new building that acknowledged their heritage and tradition but would also take them through the next
40 years,” said Jack Duran, executive vice president of Turner Duran Architects, LP, which has been part of the Katy community
since the early 1980s.


Achieving the desired look while also maintaining a historic aesthetic on the exterior called for thoughtful moulding and trim selections.
The Fypon team was brought in to conduct a take-off and estimate, including drawing in the product on the plans. With a wide variety
of moulding and accessories to choose from, the Fypon team pulled several samples and stock products to show, then eventually
created the custom products for the job.

Custom crown moulding, gable moulding, fascia and cornices were specially made for the project and can be seen most prominently
on the clock tower. A centerpiece of the building, the clock tower almost serves as a beacon for those traveling around and through
Katy, as it can be seen from several locations on the highway. Almost 1,500 linear feet of Fypon moulding was used on the exterior of
the building, including 637 feet of custom-made gable moulding and 637 feet of crown moulding.

“To many observers, the exterior detailing is the most distinctive aspect of the building that conveys the historical aesthetic and
traditional look that was so important in the initial conversations,” said Duran. “The moulding from Fypon really helped us create that
look and feel.”

With that much moulding—and the sheer amount of custom built-up pieces—Fypon regional manager Chad Gleckler and builder
specialist Kyle Marik worked directly with the general contractor during construction to provide support during installation. “We were
on the jobsite a number of times to ensure the custom product was installed properly, since it was made specially for this building.”
Gleckler said. “We wanted to ensure the installation process went smoothly, so there weren’t any issues in the future.”
Even more impressive than the flat trim mouldings used on the clock tower are the two build-up configurations that surround the
building as an extension of the soffit that are 36” and 65” tall. They also used almost 400 Fypon dentil blocks to accent and finish off
the exterior of the building.

“Fypon provided a cost-effective solution to the intricate mouldings and details envisioned for the project,” said Duran. “Fypon products
met and exceeded the specific project needs and all of our expectations.”

Duran also said as they evaluate design details and costs on other projects, they will definitely take Fypon’s offerings into consideration.
Overall, to the observers of the building, Fypon’s exterior detailing is what gives Katy City Hall the historic aesthetic citizens requested
and lived up to the town’s standards.

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