New Products for 2022

Fypon is proud to announce our line of new products, available April, 2022. Style, Performance, Service. That’s the Fypon advantage.

Gable Pediments

Wood-Grained Gable Pediments

Add a charming touch to any home’s exterior with wood-grained Fypon® gable pediments. Choose from two new styles – Meier and Burnham – created to complement any architectural style.

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Wood-Grained Arched Gable Pediments

Fypon gable pediments come primed and ready to be stained or painted any color to match your home's architectural details. Choose from two new styles – Sullivan and Asher – created to provide a clean, simple look to any home.

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Wood-Grained Flat Gable Pediment

The Fypon® wood-grained flat gable pediment is available in a variety of roof pitches pairing perfectly with Craftsman- style homes.

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Smooth Flat Gable Pediment

The existing Fypon® smooth flat gable pediment is now available in an additional 8/12, 9/12, and 10/12 roof pitch to provide the best fit for your project needs.

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Beams & Beam Straps

New Sizes for Wood-Grained & Smooth Beams

Fypon wood-grained and smooth beams are available in variety of textures to fit your project needs, including; Hand Hewn, Mesa, Rough Sawn, Tahoe and Smooth. Now available in 10" x 12" and a variety of lengths, our beams can be used to cover a standard LVL header beam.

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Beam Straps

Beam straps can be used to add an authentic, rustic look to wood-grained beams. More options are now available to coordinate with available beam sizes.

Wood-Grained & Smooth Brackets

Wood-Grained Brackets

Fypon® offers brackets that can easily be added to a home’s interior or exterior for a decorative touch. Additional sizes are now available for wood-grained styles.

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Smooth Brackets

Crafted from durable polyurethane, Fypon® brackets are lightweight and easy to install. Additional sizes are now available for smooth styles to fit any project need.

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View all new product sizes and specifications in our 2022 New Product Guide.

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