Traditional Home Adds Updated Details

Location: Austin, Texas
Completed: Summer 2017
Fypon Products Used: Balustrade system, railing systems


Relocating to Austin from Dallas, Texas, the Savage family found their new home in the perfect location with a great view of downtown
Austin. Their new 5,613-square-foot home had a traditional style, which they loved, but it needed a little help to fit the complete style
they envisioned. With the help of builder Gary Beam, owner of Gary Beam Builder, and William Burkhardt, architect, brkartstudio, the
renovations began.

“We chose our home because of its great location and views. We also really liked the traditional style of it,” Lauren Savage, homeowner,
said. “We knew we wanted a house that not only fit our style but had an amazing view.”
The unique six bedroom, five and a half bath home had the right bones, but needed several renovations to make the home cohesive and as
updated as the family wanted. The home had been renovated several times so fixes to past work had to be done, as well as updates.

The renovations included several different projects, big and small, to the exterior and interior of the home. The entire first floor called for
remodeling and complete renovations. Additions to the master suite, kitchen, foyer and stairs were made, in addition to an added fireplace
and library. Infill of a portion of the second floor created a new master suite with a new master bath and porch. They also added a game
room and hobby room, in addition to significant revisions to roof lines.

On the exterior, renovations included terracing to create play areas, ornamental masonry and metal fencing. To enhance the porches and deck, Beam immediately knew to recommend Fypon’s balustrade system. Plus, he knew Fypon would fit into the homeowner’s overall budget as well.

“The owners needed to add new railing to their porches and deck,” Beam said. “We’ve used Fypon products before and showed the owners the brochure. Plus, with Austin’s weather, I knew Fypon could stand up to it.”

Balustrade systems were added onto the Savage’s two-story back porch verandas and the single-story front porch. Addressing the issue of waterproofing of the decorative pieces on the exterior pieces of the home, Fypon’s weather-resistant products instantly became the best choice for the project. Not to mention they had the traditional style the family was looking for.

“I’ve used Fypon in the past and was happy to see the homeowners decided to use it,” Burkhardt said. “I prefer to use Fypon because of its suitability for various elements, its workability and its cost-effectiveness for the various applications, and it was no different on this job.”

The low maintenance, durability and ease of installation make Fypon a great choice for a lot of families and a go-to for architects
and builders alike. Both Beam and Burkhardt agreed they would use Fypon products again.

“We really like the Fypon products chosen,” Savage said. “They dress up the home a little bit more and are more consistent with
the style of a colonial home than what we had before.”

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