Ivory Canyon Model Home


Location: San Antonio, Texas

Fypon Products Used: PVC column wraps, full-length flat-panel Shaker-style shutters, crown mouldings accent dormer windows,
crossheads over window and doors.


For a custom estate in an upscale Hill Country residence, extensive exterior detailing demanded a high-quality, on-trend solution – one that would showcase the casual sophistication of the Modern Farmhouse look. Fypon products meet that challenge with high-performance architectural elements and ease of installation.

In this custom home, expansive porches used as outdoor living areas offer beautiful views of the Texas Hill Country. Fypon PVC column wraps add low-maintenance style. Polyurethane flat-panel Shaker-style shutters on French doors add color and sophistication. Crown mouldings accent dormer windows; crossheads over windows and doors lend an elegant finish.

Designed for use in non-load bearing applications, Fypon adds classic character to new construction and remodel projects. A full line of premium-grade Fypon polyurethane and PVC millwork products deliver the beauty of wood – without the upkeep – for a wide variety of residential architectural styles. For the Modern Farmhouse, Fypon provided a polished, richly detailed custom finish.


Big design impact with easy installation.
Used to finish the custom home’s exterior window openings, door casings and dormers, Fypon® polyurethane trim products achieved essential design goals. A small investment in Fypon for finish details provided a big design impact.

“The style of architecture we aspired to was a southern Low Country home with lots of detailing outside,” explained Kevin FitzGerald, president, Mattern & FitzGerald Custom Builders. “We wanted it to be crisp and smooth, similar to trim work inside the home, and we weren’t confident our stucco contractor could pull it off as well as the Fypon pieces would.”

Danny Herrera, onsite supervisor for construction teams and subcontractors, had no previous experience with Fypon polyurethane trim. “It was very easy to install and cut; really user friendly,” he said. “There were no issues during installation.
Everything was ready to install from the box. There was no need to sort and check quality before we started.”

Excellent workability and appeal.
Designed for both interior and exterior use in residential and commercial projects, Fypon polyurethane decorative millwork is uniquely simple to install. Easy to work with, Fypon products can be cut with standard woodworking tools, and can be used on the building grade or in direct contact with masonry.

Fypon’s closed-cell structure prohibits water absorption. This prevents the material from warping, rotting, cracking or splitting. Additionally, polyurethane resists mold, mildew and insect infestations.

Fypon polyurethane decorative millwork offers countless ways to create curb appeal and stay competitive. Wood-grained polyurethane imparts the elegance and appeal of finished wood or rugged timber without the hassles of typical traditional building materials.

“Using Fypon was beneficial because it saved on cuts and fabrication in the field and created less waste at the site,” Danny said. “It was easy to make adjustments to Fypon trim, and it took less time to install.”

Marrying style with performance.
Fypon crown moulding and trim provide a seamless appearance once installed. Unlike wood or cementitious trim, when a PUR compatible adhesive is applied at the joints, a chemical bond is created. This allows the trim to perform like one
continuous piece that doesn’t separate at the seams over time.

The finished result exceeded expectations. “It looks fantastic,” Danny said. “The edges are nice and clean. It’s a great look; people who’ve toured the home really like it. I recommend it, and I’ll definitely use it again. I really like the way it comes ready to install. It’s a good quality look on the home.”

He was also impressed by Fypon service and support. “Anytime we had a question on the product or installation, or needed help getting more product during installation, the Fypon rep was there quick to help get it done and keep us going.”

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