Fypon Creates Style With Easy Installation, Low Maintenance Shutters

Using wood shutters can be messy and labor intensive. Callbacks can be frustrating when builders and contractors have to replace deteriorating wood shutters due to chipping, cracking, rot or other issues. Take a minute to learn about a better, durable, low maintenance option that will save time and maintenance in the long run.


Installing and Replacing Shutters

Fypon’s polyurethane smooth and woodgrain shutters perfectly complement current popular styles, like Arts & Crafts, and unique styles like Mediterranean can be enhanced with the stainable or paintable product. Fypon’s shutters are the easy installation choice for not only new construction, but also when replacement windows are installed. These can be easily ordered in conjunction with the replacement windows.


Enhancing the Style

Fypon’s shutter line offers several polyurethane woodgrain styles including Board & Batten, Plank, louvered and panel. Fypon’s accessory line of hinges and clavos for the Board & Batten and Plank shutters add an extra design element to the look and feel of a home’s exterior. The colonial and spear hinges provide added character and increased curb appeal, while clavos, decorative details mimicking iron rivets, give shutters a rustic appearance. Fypon shutters can be cut and trimmed with standard woodworking tools. All Fypon products come factory-primed and ready for stain or paint. Shutters are sold in pairs, and board panels are available for fabrication individually or in contractor packs.


Supporting the Customer

Fypon shutters are quick and easy to install with Fypon’s product support and an installation video available. Or don't hesitate to contact us for any additional help / assistance!

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