Fypon Beams: 1 Product, 2 ways

Fypon woodgrain beams come in a range of styles and with unique accessories to match or elevate any home interior. They’re also versatile, as illustrated in these two applications:

1.Beams can be used traditionally on the ceiling to bring a timber frame look to the room and give it height. Fypon beams come in four grain patterns--Rough Sawn, Mesa, Tahoe and Hand Hewn--that can be used to instill different vibes, either contemporary or more traditional. Beam plates and straps add a unique rustic feel to complement traditional decors or add an industrial pop to modern interiors.

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2. Ready-to-stain Fypon wood-grain beams are also an ideal option for creating a decorative truss system that will add distinctive beauty to the home. Because Fypon beams are lightweight, truss systems are easy to install without the need for extra support. 

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