Creative Twist on Fypon Products Brightens Therma-Tru Breakroom

When the Therma-Tru branch in Edgerton, Ohio relocated their design facility, the existing space left room for a new breakroom. The breakroom offered employees a new space to relax – and a chance to flex their creative muscles.

Product Value Engineer Lauren Allard was asked to create a series of art features to add life to the room’s stale walls. Allard uses conventional products in unconventional, creative ways in her artwork. For the project, she designed something that reflected her unique style and also represented the Therma-Tru brand.

Inspiration Behind the Art Feature

Fypon products came to mind for the project not only because of its variety of artistic designs, but also because of its connection to the Therma-Tru family. “We wanted to incorporate products from the companies we work with. As a strategic business unit within the Therma-Tru family, Fypon was the perfect option to use for the design,” Allard said.

For the project, Allard used Fypon’s online catalog to select which products to display. While she was mindful of the product size, her selection hinged primarily on the level of detail featured in each piece.

Fypon Product Creative Uses

Photos via @laurenallardart on Instagram

“I looked for pieces that had the most texture and artistic flare. The key feature of the display is the richness of the textures, as well as the variation of shapes and sizes,” Allard said.

To create the collages, Allard featured Fypon’s:

Creating the Colorful Look

Although Allard outlined the vision for the project, several members of the Therma-Tru team came together to make it happen. The Marketing Aids department at the Edgerton branch helped Allard perfect the color scheme and paint the pieces, starting with a layer of bonding primer and then finishing with two coats of paint.

The light weight of the polyurethane pieces made it easy for the team to hang and secure them onto the walls. They glued the base layer of products to the wall using adhesive, then secured the top layer onto the base layer products. Finally, the team used Fypon’s trim to create a frame around the pieces.

“It was truly a team effort – so many people at Therma-Tru came together to help create the collages and provide feedback. Knowing that we created it together and that the products are from our partner company makes it really special,” Allard said.

From Fun to Function

In addition to the colorful collages, other Fypon products served a more functional purpose in the space. The ceilings were lined with faux woodgrain beams for lighting. Exposed Edison lightbulbs, combined with black studded beam straps, created an industrial look for the space.


This industrial aesthetic paired well with the bold red accent wall lining the kitchen area. Fypon woodgrain trim was used to hide the separation between the red accent wall and the white paint. The trim matched the moulding used to frame the art pieces, creating a cohesive look across the room.


The Therma-Tru employees now have a space that reflects their company and brings the entire team together. The group is inspired to continue transforming their space and plans to update the lobby with product display shelving using Fypon trim.

Check out Fypon’s entire line of products to create your own unique art feature!

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