Add Window Surrounds for a Bump in Curb Appeal

Builders and remodelers looking to add curb appeal to their jobs can use simple window crossheads and trim. Crossheads are created to sit on the top of a window and can span across a single window or several together. Made of lightweight, yet durable, high density polyurethane, window crossheads and keystones add dimension and sophistication to almost any style of home.


One-piece crossheads are available up to 144 inches long from Fypon. For larger areas, two-piece units are available up to 288 inches. A keystone can be added to cover a seam, while providing dimension and character. Trim strips and bottom trim can be used in conjunction with crossheads for a clean, complete look. Pediments in sunburst, peaked, and spoked styles are also available to add a refined and unique look.

Using the right styles and size of product is important, and Fypon can easily help builders and contractors with all their needs, whether they are basic or custom. For those builders and remodelers concerned with gaining the ideal dimension for window trim, Fypon recommends ordering crossheads in an oversized width and then custom creating the piece on the job site.

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