10 Best Practices for Polyurethane Millwork Installation

Fypon’s millwork products are moulded of high-density polyurethane foam that repel moisture and insects. It also resists rotting, warping, cracking, peeling, crumbling and deterioration. To ensure each piece lives up to its potential, and shows off the style and personality of your home, follow these installation 10 best practices:


1. Polyurethane millwork should not be stored in extreme heat and should be kept flat. If it has been placed in a hot place, allow it to acclimate to the installation area, which may take up to 10 hours.

2. Handle the product with care to avoid damage. If a dent or gash should occur on site, use wood filler or automotive filler to repair. Broken moulding can be rejoined with polyurethane-compatible adhesive or equivalent product.

3. Fypon polyurethane products can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees, but should not be installed in an area subject to solar temperature buildup, like a storm door.

4.Polyurethane will resist the elements except direct sunlight to the millwork’s unpainted underside.

5. Fypon products can be cut, drilled or routed similar to wood products.

6. Proper fastening is important for limiting the effects of expansion and contraction. It is recommended to use PL Premium on the back side of the product to adhere to the bonding surface. Once in place, then proceed to screw the Fypon product to the prepared surface. Fill holes with wood filler or automotive filler repair.

7. Fypon polyurethane products should be painted with a good quality latex paint. They also are suitable for many faux finishing techniques such as sponging, feathering and antiquing.

8. Timber-look products, like beams, can be stained with good quality, non-penetrating stain, either water based or gel stain.

9. Fypon Stone products do not require grout, but it may be added for appearance. A urethane-based grout is recommended.

10. When installing polyurethane millwork, allow 3/8” per 18’ for expansion and contraction.


For more installation assistance, check out our installation instructions.

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