Wholesale Member Rebate Program

Partner with Fypon

Fypon has selected HBA Member Rebates as a partner to manage rebate and incentive programs for our builder customers. HBA Member Rebates is a FREE member benefit of the state and local Home Builders Associations that is available to all active builder and remodeler members. Currently they represent 42 state HBAs and their 600+ local HBAs throughout the United States, which account for over 5,200 builders. HBA Member Rebates manages highly competitive rebate and incentive programs for its members from more than 50  leading manufacturers in their product category. Members have access to a network of small- to mid-size builders and remodelers across the U.S., as well as the opportunity to claim rebates from participating manufacturers across all building product categories.


How the Fypon Program Works

A builder or remodeler can visit www.HBArebates.com to register for membership. Once registered, a representative from  the HBA Member Rebate Program will contact you to explain the program process and its benefits. You can then submit  for rebates each quarter. Past quarters can also be submitted as long as they are submitted within the calendar year.With each rebate submission, the builder or remodeler must provide the completed form with product details and  additional information. This form can be easily emailed or mailed to HBA Member Rebates. A customizable Excel form  can also be downloaded from HBArebates.com. Once this Excel form is completed, it can be submitted via email to  info@HBArebates.com.

Steps to Receive a Rebate Check

1) Register: To start receiving rebates, please register on HBArebates.com. This identifies where to mail the check.

2) Calendar & Deadlines: View the calendar to determine the eligible products and the deadline to submit your claim.

3) Claim: Each quarter, complete and submit the current Rebate Claim Form for any completed home, remodeling project  or multi-family unit that used any participating manufacturers.

4) Once a rebate claim has been submitted, you can click the Claims Process link at HBArebates.com to check your remittance statement and find out when your quarterly lump-sum rebate check will be available.


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