Wholesale Builder Partnerships Program

Partner with Fypon

Fypon has selected Builder Partnerships as our preferred partner to manage rebate and incentive programs for our builder customers. Fypon will sponsor your initial membership fee to join Builder Partnerships – a savings of $2,500.

Builder Partnerships is a unique organization focused on providing education and improving communication and collaboration within the home building industry. Currently they represent more than 550 builders in the United States and Canada.

Builder Partnerships manages highly competitive rebate and incentive programs for its members from more than 75 manufacturers and service providers. In addition, members have full access to a network of leading builders across the country and access to the Builder Partnerships Knowledge Center—a training and educational center that provides in-depth industry information on improving business operations, cutting costs and increasing profit. To sign up, please complete the information on the back side of this flyer and send to your local Fypon representative


How the Fypon Program Works

Once signed up, a representative (or assigned “Relationship Manager”) from Builder Partnerships will contact the builder to explain the program process and it’s benefits. Then the builder can submit for rebates each quarter. The builder can catch  up for past quarters as long as they submit within the calendar year.

With each rebate submission, a builder must provide:

  • Home Address
  • Job Number
  • Community Name
  • Close Date
  • Installer / Lumberyard Detail

Builders will be provided a form to capture the above information and product details that can be easily uploaded to Builder Partnerships. Builders are not required to use the provided form, but can instead submit their own PDF, Excel spreadsheet or printed report to their assigned Builder Partnerships Relationship Manager. Once uploaded, Builder Partnerships will provide the builder with a report to review for confirmation of submissions to ensure all is accurate prior to being sent to participating manufacturers.


Requirements for the Fypon Program

In exchange for Fypon’s initial sponsorship, the builder must commit 100% to using only Fypon millwork products on all homes built. Both Fypon and Builder Partnerships will periodically audit rebate submittals to verify compliance.


Fypon Loyalty Incentives

Incentives will be paid according to the products that are utilized as the highest standard offering by that division in order to simplify the process of payments.


Earn 1% back on all Fypon Purchases.