Fypon Truss Systems Complete a Luxury Rustic Home

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Fypon Products Used: Tahoe Beams, Brackets


Rustic homes are a popular style of home, unique to San Antonio, Texas, and Linda and David Naas were looking to build their own rustictudor style home. The new custom build one-story house measures just under 4,000 square feet, and holds four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

The Naas’ favorite part of their new home is the land and the view the land offers. The one-story home, just under 4,000 square feet, consists of four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The home sits on a cliff, creating a scenic backyard view from any of the three levels of the porch, fire pit or pool. In keeping with the desire for an Arcadian style, the Naas’ pined for a home with several beams and
large windows.

“While the exterior was a huge selling point, the inside had to have the same feeling the outside did but keep an air of sophistication. We
had researched the look and feel and knew that beams were a must have to complete the look,” Linda said.

The couple worked with Michael Bryant from Genuine Custom Homes who first discovered Fypon’s beam offerings at the International
Builders’ Show in Las Vegas in 2015.

“I stopped by a booth for a demonstration in Vegas and instantly fell in love with the product,” Bryant said. “Not long after, the local sales
representative stopped by and the rest is history!”

Bryant recommended Fypon beams would be the best product to create the four large truss systems the Naas’ desired in their living room area. With Fypon offering the lightweight, polyurethane beams that can be easily installed, they all decided that it would be the best option for a quick and less labor-intensive installation process.  The hidden challenge would be matching the stain of the beams to the stain on the wood mantel piece.

“The customer wanted the Fypon beam finish to match the reclaimed wood mantle finish,” Bryant said. “Stylistically speaking, Fypon was
the best choice for the application. We wanted to showcase a particular style and the Fypon trusses allowed us to best articulate this look in the home’s interior.” Bryant was not the only one who fell in love with the product; David also liked the idea of using Fypon beams.

“Not only did the Fypon beams fit into our budget, they seemed easier to install,” David said. “All it took to install the trusses were two
guys and a stepladder. It would’ve taken a crane to install heavy wood trusses.”

Overall, Genuine Custom Homes was able to more than satisify the Naas’ wishes for a rustic-tudor style home. Bryant says it’s thanks to Fypon’s product offerings, plus the interaction between Fypon’s customer support and information about
installation and finish.

“Fypon has infinite options,” Bryant said. “They were also architecturally accurate and the texture was realistic, which was important to our client. In fact, no one has been able to tell the Fypon woodgrain beams from the real wood mantle.

“The Fypon beams are a truly special product with tons of flexibility and endless options,” Bryant said. “Fypon helped give our custom
home project the “special sauce” our demanding clientele deserve.”